STARGATE™ Online Trading Card Game Now Available

Featuring Favorite Characters From MGM's Long-Running Series, Robust Gameplay and Unique Redemption Program, SG-1 Set Launches This Weekend


Sony Online Entertainment LLC (SOE), a global leader in the online games industry, today announced that the STARGATE™ Online Trading Card Game (TCG), based on MGM's fan-favorite science-fiction television series, will be available for download this weekend. In addition, Comic Images, through a license agreement with MGM Home Entertainment Distribution is publishing a physical version of the STARGATE TCG. The release of the debut set, SG-1, features the "Through the Gate" redemption program, where players can redeem a full collection of digital cards and receive a set of corresponding physical cards. Digital SG-1 starter decks and booster packs are now available for $10.99 and $3.49, respectively.

The SG-1 set contains four 60-card starter decks featuring familiar characters from the popular science-fiction show, including Jack O'Neill, Samantha Carter, Teal'c, and Daniel Jackson. Players can augment their collection with 11-card booster packs that contain additional characters, obstacles, adversaries and gear. In addition, each customer who purchases a registration package for the STARGATE Online TCG will be entitled to receive both a digital and physical copy of an exclusive promotional version of the card "Teal'c, Enemy of the Goa'uld."

"The STARGATE franchise has an impressive legacy and we've put a lot of effort into making the game an authentic and engaging experience that captures that legacy both in online and tabletop formats," said Scott Martins, Director of Development for SOE-Denver. "SG-1 lays the foundation for several planned expansions, including sets based on STARGATE ATLANTIS. Expansions will not only incorporate familiar content from the show, they'll offer players a multitude of new strategic options."

The STARGATE Online TCG challenges players to assemble teams of their favorite characters and send them on missions throughout the galaxy. Players learn from their successes and enhance their abilities as the game progresses.

With three unique ways to win and nearly 300 cards in the initial set, players have an endless supply of strategies available as they take on alternating roles of both heroes and villains from the STARGATE universe. Once players learn the basics, they can climb the online rankings by proving their skill against other competitors across the globe.

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