Sony Computer Entertainment America Gears Up for Black Friday With Increased Momentum for PLAYSTATION®3


The Most Advanced Gaming System Ever Created Touts New Price, Great Games and

             Increased Ad Support as Recipe for Holiday Cheer

  WHAT:    Reporters covering the videogame industry on Black Friday and
           throughout the holidays should be aware that PLAYSTATION®3
           (PS3™) is riding a wave of positive momentum leading into the
           Holiday Season, as evidenced by the following facts:

           -- Since the availability of the new 40GB and 80GB PS3 models,
              sales have increased by 192% at the top 10 retailers in North
           -- PS3 sales have more than doubled since the introduction of the
              40GB model, which is currently available for $399
           -- 200 first and third-party PS3 titles are now available, and
              recent games such as Ratchet & Clank®Future: Tools of
              Destruction™ and Uncharted: Drake's Fortune™ are wowing
              critics, scoring 89 and 87 respectively on
           -- Sony is fanning the flames of this momentum with a new ad
              campaign, the company's largest marketing effort to date, with
              PS3 commercials appearing on several stations nationwide
              including NBC, ESPN and FOX
           -- For the casual gamer, a new PlayStation®2 limited edition
              ceramic white model, bundled with SingStar™Pop and two
              microphones, is now available for $149, a $30 cost-savings
           -- For gamers on the go, the limited edition Daxter™ PSP
              Entertainment Pack and Star Wars Battlefront® PSP
              Entertainment Pack, both $199, deliver the ultimate in
              portable gaming and entertainment, all in a new slimmer,
              lighter design. Hot new exclusive titles are also available
              for PSP including Syphon Filter®Logan's Shadow and SOCOM:
              US Navy SEALs Tactical Strike

  WHY:    According to the Consumer Electronics Association, industry
          momentum bodes well for videogames:

          -- Sales within the videogame console market are projected to lift
             revenues to $16 billion, a 23% increase over 2006
          -- Consoles and games top the holiday wish lists of teens and rank
             as one of the top 5 most-wanted among all consumer electronics

  WHO:    Industry analyst, Michael Pachter of Wedbush Morgan Securities
          anticipates that Sony will ride this current momentum to greater
          market success for this holiday season and beyond:

          "Beyond the current lineup of games, PS3 has some big releases
          coming in 2008, including LittleBigPlanet, Gran Turismo 5 and
          Killzone2, and this lineup rivals some of the best of prior
          holidays. The healthy software lineup combined with the price drop
          and increased advertising should give a huge boost to PS3"


          -- PS3 B-roll is available for download at
             or beta tapes can be requested by contacting the PR contact
          -- Additional visuals such as hardware shots and software screen
             shots can be obtained at
             username: SCEA, password: SC3APR (case sensitive)

   PR CONTACT:  Elisa Greene, Porter Novelli
                Cell: (415) 279-8758 (available on Thanksgiving and
                Black Friday)

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