Yo Ho Ho! Pirates of the Burning Sea™ Sets Sail Today

New Online PC Game Delivers Unique Swashbuckling Action Experience


Grab your parrot, raise the gang plank and ready the cannons with Pirates of the Burning Sea™ (PotBS), the hotly anticipated online PC game where players can clash on land and sea. This new title from Sony Online Entertainment LLC's (SOE) Platform Publishing label, and Flying Lab Software LLC (FLS), is available today at participating retail outlets worldwide and as a digital download through http://www.station.com/ and http://www.direct2drive.com/ for a suggested retail price of US$49.99, with a monthly subscription fee of US$14.99 plus applicable taxes.

"After years of hard work by our top-notch crew, we are thrilled to announce players can now conquer the virtual Caribbean, circa 1720, in Pirates of the Burning Sea," said Russell Williams, CEO of Flying Lab Software in Seattle. "Working together with SOE's Platform Publishing, we are able to launch this game simultaneously in the U.S. and Europe and release localized versions in English, French, Spanish and German, allowing players from all over to captain a ship in this world full of swashbuckling and high-seas adventure."

Players start by joining the French, Spanish, English or Pirate nations as a naval officer, freetrader, privateer or pirate. At sea, players can blow enemy ships out of the water. On land, players can engage in a world of action and peril rife with sword fights. A unique economy lets players become captains of industry, running mines, lumber mills, shipyards and other large-scale operations. Players produce all the various goods needed to supply others with the raw materials to conquer the Caribbean, one port at a time. A player-generated content system lets gamers create their own sail and flag designs and even model their own ships.

Set in the New World circa 1720, PotBS recreates a dramatic time of conflict and riches with action for every play style, from epic ship combat to building an empire. With more than one thousand missions per nation, dozens of ports to explore, and the entire Caribbean as their domain, players will find an online experience like no other.

  Pirates of the Burning Sea game features:
  --  Join one of four nations (Pirate, English, French, or Spanish)
  --  Every player is the captain of their very own ship in massive naval
  --  Duel other players to control more than 80 conquerable ports in the
  --  Explore the world and make a name for yourself with more than 1,000
      missions per nation
  --  Economy driven by players, who manufacture and sell all ships and
      equipment found in the game
  --  Take command of more than 50  historical ships
  --  Design your own flags and sails
  --  Build your very own or customize any of the ships in-game to your
  --  Choose from three different combat styles -- deadly and formal
      Fencing, flashy, dual-wielding Florentine or rowdy and treacherous
      Dirty Fighting
  --  Participate in epic PvP sea battles with up to 25 players per side

For more information on Pirates of the Burning Sea, log onto http://www.piratesoftheburningsea.com/ or the community site at http://www.burningsea.com/

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About Flying Lab Software

Flying Lab Software, a Seattle-based game development company, is the maker of the critically acclaimed Rails Across America. Their current project is Pirates of the Burning Sea, an innovative massively multiplayer online role-playing game of adventure and naval combat in the age of sail.

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