CBS to Present 'SURVIVOR' in High Definition for the First Time Using Sony's XDCAM HD Technology


(NAB Booth #SU906) -- Sony and CBS have joined forces to bring the ground-breaking reality series "SURVIVOR" to high definition. Sony's XDCAM HD™ Professional Disc™ system will be used to shoot the upcoming 17th season of "SURVIVOR" in high definition, with production scheduled to begin this summer and the premiere episode debuting in the fall.

"Sony's XDCAM HD system will start a new era for 'SURVIVOR'," said Mark Burnett, the show's executive producer. "The camcorder brings the exotic locales to life brilliantly, creating an immediacy that draws viewers right into the frame. This is something we'd been looking to do for some time and now, with Sony's assistance, it has become a reality."

The XDCAM HD camcorders and decks to be deployed are a direct replacement for Sony Digital Betacam equipment used to craft the series' groundbreaking style since its premiere. The Sony XDCAM HD solution is immediately familiar to camera operators and line producers, but offers far more than an upgrade from SD to HD resolution. The optical disc-based HD workflow introduces new innovation and efficiency that addresses the unique needs of reality TV's unscripted style.

"Shooting in high definition gives our production team the tools for storytelling beyond what was previously possible and will give our loyal audience an enhanced viewing experience," said Ghen Maynard, executive vice president, Alternative Programming and Entertainment Content for New Media, CBS Paramount Entertainment Group. "The show's locations and natural elements have always served as another character in the show and an important part of the competition. With HD, viewers will feel as if they are on location instead of in their living room."

The adoption of XDCAM HD technology by the "SURVIVOR" team is the latest milestone in the industry-wide acceptance of the optical format. XDCAM technology has become a favorite of reality television producers, for its on-set flexibility, random access and editing convenience.

"Often, reality crews are capturing hours of footage, with action often occurring on the fly so a camcorder that can be ready at a moment's notice is key for them," said Wayne Zuchowski, XDCAM group marketing manager, Sony Electronics. "The decision by 'SURVIVOR' to shoot with XDCAM HD technology will further push the production boundaries for reality TV, creating a new sensation much as the series did at its introduction."

"SURVIVOR" is broadcast Thursdays (8 to 9 p.m, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network.

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