Spanish Broadcasting System Goes on Air in HD With Sony's XDCAM System

Broadcaster Standardizes on the Sony Optical 422 Technology


When Spanish Broadcasting System (SBS) went on the air recently from its new studio, the Miami-based radio, TV and internet network did more than unveil a new look. It became one of the first Hispanic networks to implement full HD production, the network said.

SBS' Mega TV network is broadcasting out of a newly redesigned, integrated studio. The heart of SBS' new HD production capabilities is the Sony XDCAM® HD system.

The network has standardized its production and program delivery on the newest version of the Sony optical technology: the 2/3 inch PDW-700 camcorder and the PDW-HD1500 deck, as well as several PDW-U1 drives which will be used at editing stations throughout the facility.

The new studio also features eight Sony HDC-1400 studio cameras and two MVS-8000G switchers, with Sony's BRC-H700 HD robotic cameras also used for POV studio shots as well as for field work and radio recording.

According to the SBS team, the XDCAM HD system was chosen because it provided the look that the network was striving for, while providing the advantage of a cost-efficient, file-based workflow.

"The Sony optical disc system is in use throughout the station's field and studio operations, and the benefit has been streamlined production and a reduction in the time between capturing and editing footage, and getting it to air," said Javier Garcia, chief engineer for Mega TV at SBS.

The Sony system also gives SBS a strong HD foundation to build upon for the future.

XDCAM HD technology was also recently used to produce a 12-hour miniseries called "Gabriel," for MegaFilms, the new entertainment division of SBS' TV group, Mega TV.

The production team for "Gabriel" used Sony HD optical camcorders to get the right combination of versatility and image quality.

"Using this system, we were able to achieve effects and capture shots that we previously would have thought impossible for a station with our budget constraints," said Agustin, MegaFilms' vice president and director of the series. "The XDCAM technology makes everything so easy and elevates our production capabilities to an entirely new level."

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