Sony Expands 'Tapeless' Media Options With Versatile Solutions for HD Video Production

32GB SxS PRO Memory Card, 16GB CompactFlash Media and Hard-Disk Unit Complement New Hybrid Camcorders for Professional Video Production


Sony is expanding its industry-leading line of professional media solutions with the addition of three "tapeless" solutions designed to offer customers the widest array of recording options and workflow flexibility.

The new products include the industry's first 32GB SxS PRO™ solid-state memory card, a 16GB Pro CompactFlash card, and a 60 GB professional hard-disk unit (HDD) -- the PHU-60K. Each is designed for maximum performance and recording capabilities, and complement Sony's growing family of professional HD camcorders -- the HVR-Z7U and HVR-S270U hybrid HDV™ models, in addition to the solid state XDCAM EX™ camera series.

"Whether you're a professional on the set of a documentary, in the field gathering electronic news, an independent producer, streaming video on the web, or involved in any area of professional video production, these new tapeless media solutions are designed to help you get the job done," said Ron Corn, director of product marketing for Sony Electronics' professional media group. "Each comes packed with powerful features designed to provide our professional customers in the compact camcorder market with the best workflow solutions and versatility."

These new Sony media products meet the challenges of an HD workflow, where higher bandwidth content requires higher-speed data transfer rates in order to achieve optimal efficiencies.

Developed to handle data transfer rates of up to 800 Mbps, Sony's 32GB SxS PRO memory card can be used with the family of XDCAM EX camcorders -- models PMW-EX1 and PMW-EX3. The performance provided by the state-of-the-art, solid-state card enables the camcorder to provide slow and quick motion functions, which are also known as "over" and "under-cranking."

The card is capable of record times of up to 100 minutes of full 1920 x 1080 high-definition video at 35 Mbps and 140 minutes of 1440 by 1080 video at 25 Mbps. Sony tests have shown it can be removed and re-inserted into a memory slot more than 30,000 times, and is shock resistant to forces of more than 1,500 G.

Sony's 16GB Pro CF cards, which support the latest professional HDV camcorders, including the HVR-S270U and HVR-Z7U, are capable of providing up to 72 minutes of record time. They provide video production professionals with a reliable media recording solution certified by Sony to perform at high write speeds of 306x, offering an efficient hybrid workflow solution for transferring content to non-linear editing systems.

Capable of providing more than four hours of uninterrupted record time on Sony's PMW-EX1 or PM-EX3 camcorders, the PHU-60K hard-disk unit takes tapeless acquisition to a new level.

It is a 1.8-inch, 60 GB external storage unit with an USB 2.0 interface. Users can achieve approximate recording times of 200 minutes in 35 Mbps HQ (high-quality) mode and 260 minutes in 25 Mbps SP (standard play) mode.

The hard-disk unit functions just like an SxS PRO card, with thumbnail views available on the LCD panel of the camcorders or deck.

The PHU-60K is equipped with Cybercapture ™ technology, which enables the hard disk drive (HDD) to optimize the read/write process resulting in sustained transfer rates and reliability. It also features a new "dumping" system used to protect the HDD from a 1.5m drop, and a buffer memory is used to enable immediate recording after powering on.

A 3-G sensor and the buffer memory allow for stable recording. When the G sensor detects that the unit is being dropped, the head of the HDD is immediately parked to protect the HDD. The content is temporarily stored in the buffer memory and then restored in the HDD when it is operating again.

The unit can operate for about 12 hours of continuous record time on a small size BP-U30 battery.

The following are availability and suggested list prices for these new products:

  -- 32GB SxS PRO card -- in September for $1,500
  -- 16GB CF Pro -- available now for $399
  -- PHU-60K -- available now for $1,000

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