Sony Continues Expansion of FeliCa System Integrator Application Developer Program

SAN JOSE, Calif.

Sony Electronics today announced the appointment of Thinker Inc. as an authorized FeliCa technology deployment channel partner, continuing the expansion of the FeliCa System Integrator Application Developer program launched in May.

Based in Las Vegas, Thinker Inc. is an end-to-end network provider of intuitive, intelligent navigation, combining a database with real-time business logic to streamline way-finding and provide internationalized content delivery within a digital portal both onsite and online.

"Thinker's intelligent navigation technology is on the leading edge, representing an ideal technology of choice for operators of convention centers, retail malls, resorts and gaming establishments," said Tim Lindner, director of strategic business development at Sony Electronics. "Thinker's concentration in these areas, and its location in Las Vegas, are strategic to FeliCa deployment. The combination of Thinker's intelligent navigation applications and Sony FeliCa's transactional capabilities holds great potential for expansion throughout North America."

"There is a clear need to encapsulate disperse technologies, and offer interactive on-property calls to action with 'moment of truth' relevancy to capitalize on an intimacy and connectivity only FeliCa technology can deliver," said Denise Mraz, president of Thinker Inc. "Establishing a touchscreen digital signage infrastructure that combines both of our capabilities can deliver quantifiable metrics from electronic wallet or loyalty program interactions. It will also provide an integral user experience though multimedia displays, keeping guests on a property longer."

As facilities look to leverage their digital signage program, Mraz went on to say that her company's "iACCESS interactive digital media portals catapult digital signage beyond eye candy status to investment grade, capital improvement status with a mutually beneficial ROI upside."

The FeliCa System Integrator Application Developer (SIAD) program offers integrators and application developers the resources, training and support necessary to deploy FeliCa technology-based solutions in a wide range of markets in North America, such as retail, hospitality, healthcare and cinema.

Program resources include the FeliCa technology software development kit, as well as such FeliCa products as cards, readers/writers and other internal enabling components to deploy contactless applications.

The Sony-developed FeliCa microchip provides a fast, convenient and secure all in-one solution platform for multiple applications, including electronic pre-paid transactions, access, interactive signage, and membership or loyalty rewards systems. The chip combines processing, storage and communication functions, and can be implemented in a variety of form factors like cards, key chains and mobile phones.

Deployed in Asia for more than ten years, FeliCa technology has formed the basis for transportation access and merchant communities where customers can easily and rapidly purchase goods and services.

"Success in Asia has been achieved through the deployment of companies that have the ability to design, integrate and install FeliCa-based systems in accordance with their customers' vision of how best to improve daily operations and in turn give their customers a more convenient shopping experience," Lindner added.

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about the FeliCa channel program by calling 405-6872. Additional
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