After 30 Days, Man in New York Window Reads Over 95 eBooks and 40,000 Pages for Schools Across the U.S.


  What:       Sony Electronics launched a "Reader Revolution" this month
              with the goal of sparking the imaginations of young readers
              and engaging the public in digital reading.

              As part of the Revolution, Sony partnered with David Farrow,
              world-renowned speed reader and Guinness Book World Record-
              holder for memory, to stage a 30 day "Read-in."  In
              conjunction with National Book Month, Farrow has been living
              and reading continuously in a New York City storefront window
              display as the focal point of the "Reader Revolution Read-in."

              For every page Farrow has turned on his Sony Digital Reader,
              Sony has given an eBook library of 100 classic titles to a
              U.S. school. Sony's goal for the "Reader Revolution" is to
              provide 150,000 eBook libraries, or 15 million eBook classics,
              to schools and learning institutions nationwide.

              On his final day in the window, Farrow announced he had
              superseded his initial goal of reading 1,000 eBook pages per
              day and has turned over 42,000 eBooks pages throughout the 30
              days in the window resulting in over 42,000 schools receiving
              eBook classic libraries.

              The "Reader Revolution Read-in" has achieved the following

                -- 42,839 Page Turned
                -- 96 Complete eBooks Read
                -- 131 Relief Readers (New Yorkers and visitors of the New
                   York area who have relieved Farrow by reading for him in
                   the window)
                -- 428,390 eBooks Provided to Schools Across the U.S.

  How:        Farrow has been helped over the past 30 days by more than 130
              relief readers including: Sports Announcer James Brown, NY
              Yankee Graig Nettles, Recording Artist B.o.B, HGTV Host Shane
              Tallant, numerous authors, New Yorkers and visitors to the New
              York area.

              For those still interested in participating in the Reader
              Revolution, please visit and complete a short
              online demonstration of the Sony Reader product. The Reader
              Revolution will continue through the holiday season and your
              continued participation will help contribute to the "Reader
              Revolution" goal of providing 150,000 eBook libraries, or 15
              million eBook classics to schools across the nation.

  When:       Sony Reader Leaves Window
              Oct. 30, 4:30 p.m. EDT

  Where:      Datavision, located at 445 5th Ave. at E. 39th St. in New York

  Contact:    Tania Scheer, PainePR
              Cell: 917.359.6799

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