New Sony SXRD Projector Brings Life-Like Imagery to Simulation Industry

Sharp Image Reproduction and Internal Smear Reduction Help Create Realistic Training Environments


ITSEC BOOTH #3527 -- Sony is introducing the VPL-GH10, the first SXRD® high-resolution professional projector specifically designed for the simulation, training and industrial visualization markets. The new projector will incorporate Sony's unique Motionflow™ high frame rate technology to identify and remove blurry images from fast motion content, resulting in more accurate and realistic images for these specialized industries.

"By combining full high-definition resolution and stunning contrast ratios with this built-in smear reduction capability this new projector provides highly accurate visual cues," said Andre Floyd, marketing manager for SXRD systems at Sony Electronics. "These technologies will allow the creation of more realistic simulations and training imagery, enhancing the effectiveness of simulation and training programs."

The projector uses Motionflow 120Hz frames-per-second technology with Dark Frame insertion to effectively reduce the blurring of fast-moving imagery commonly experienced in previous generations of projectors. This technology uses uniquely developed algorithms to create and insert 60 unique frames between each of the existing 60 frames of a normal 60 Hz video image, doubling the frames displayed per second and further improving image quality when displaying fast-action content.

Image sharpness is enhanced by the use of Sony SXRD panels delivering more than 6 million pixels. In addition, a three-panel (one panel per color) approach to RGB projection enables colors to be reproduced accurately and uniformly with excellent gray scale reproduction.

The new projector's 1.6x zoom lens is designed for superb HD performance, reproducing images in full HD (1920 x 1080) from pixels of 7 um.

The lens features a motorized horizontal and vertical shift function, allowing for easy projector placement and flexible installation options without sacrificing or distorting image quality.

The projector is equipped with a DVI-D interface for easy direct connection to professional image generators. The DVI-D connection screws also provide secure anchoring of the connecting cable.

The projector offers a significantly enhanced command set via the onboard RJ45 Ethernet network port to manage all necessary setup and adjustment parameters from a remote computer.

The VPL-GH10 is expected to be available this spring through Sony's VSAP reseller channel. One of those resellers, VDC Display Systems, is demonstrating the new model in booth #2909 at I/ITSEC.

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