ELVIS 75: GOOD ROCKIN' TONIGHT Commemorates 75th Birthday of Elvis Presley on January 8, 2010


In commemoration of the 75th anniversary of Elvis Presley's birth - to be celebrated on January 8, 2010 - comes the first four-CD deluxe box set collection ever to provide the definitive overview of his entire recording career. ELVIS 75: GOOD ROCKIN' TONIGHT will be available at all physical and digital retail outlets starting December 8, 2009, through RCA/Legacy, a division of SONY MUSIC ENTERTAINMENT.

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ELVIS 75: GOOD ROCKIN' TONIGHT presents 100 songs, a broad collection of hit singles, deep album tracks, live performances, and rarities. The tracks appear in strict chronological order of recording dates over the course of Disc 1 (1953-1957), Disc 2 (1958-1962), Disc 3 (1963-1969), and Disc 4 (1970-1977). They range from the first demo acetate that Elvis made at the Memphis Recording Service of Sun Records as a gift for his mother in 1953 ("My Happiness"), to a sampling of Sun Records sides produced by Sam Phillips in 1954-55 ("That's All Right," "Blue Moon Of Kentucky," "Good Rockin' Tonight," and more), through 21 and a half years of RCA tracks, from 1956 to 1977.

The 100th track on the box set is the JXL Radio Remix Edit created in 2002, for "A Little Less Conversation," originally a 1968 single (written by Billy Strange and Mac Davis). The remix was done by Dutch musician-producer Tom Holkenborg aka Junkie XL (JXL, the XL stands for Xpanding Limits). It was commissioned for Nike's World Cup ad campaign, and was commercially released in Europe as "Elvis vs. JXL." It went on to hit #1 in the UK, Australia, and more than 20 countries worldwide. In the U.S., the CD single rose to #1 on the new Hot 100 Singles Sales chart. It later became the opening theme for tv's "Las Vegas" series, starring James Caan on NBC.

On January 5, 2010, RCA/Legacy will release a 26-track single CD titled ELVIS 75, featuring selections from the box set. As the year continues, RCA/Legacy will unveil a full slate of Elvis Presley catalog title reissues and compilations.

Both the box set and the single disc will be produced by longtime Presley reissue producer Ernst Jorgensen.

Adding to the historical impact of ELVIS 75: GOOD ROCKIN' TONIGHT is the 80-page full-color booklet included in the box set. In addition to rare photography and memorabilia, the booklet will include a 7,000-word biographical essay written by Billy Altman, an award-winning music critic, journalist, historian, and educator, whose work has appeared in such publications as The New York Times, Rolling Stone, Esquire, and People magazines.

The release of ELVIS 75: GOOD ROCKIN' TONIGHT coincides with a 4-day celebration of his 75th birthday, January 7-10th, centered at the Graceland estate, outside of Memphis. In addition to the annual birthday proclamation ceremony on the front lawn of Graceland, events will include parties, dances, and panel discussions. For further information, please go to http://www.elvis.com/.

From the moment in early 1956 when Elvis' first string of hits on RCA Victor proclaimed his arrival on the old 'Top 100' - "Heartbreak Hotel," "Blue Suede Shoes," "Hound Dog," "Don't Be Cruel," "Love Me Tender" - there were 17 chart titles in 1956 alone - his hammerlock on rock and roll was unquestioned, his influence on the destiny of all popular music about to be engraved in stone. Even after the Beatles' conquest started in 1964, and the revolution of Bob Dylan in 1965, Elvis continued his reign on the charts, slotting nearly four dozen songs on the Hot 100 from 1964 to 1969.

The phenomenal chart statistics accumulated by Elvis come alive on this box set. As compiled by Joel Whitburn, Elvis is the top-ranked Hot 100 male artist (by far!) of the 1950s and '60s - and the only act (male, female, or group) ever to be top-ranked #1 for two separate decades. Elvis holds unassailable records for the Most Chart Hits (151), Most Top 40 Hits (104), Most RIAA Platinum Hits (28), Most RIAA Gold Hits (24), and Most Weeks Charted (1,598).

                        (RCA/Legacy 88697 60625 2)

  Disc 1: 1953 - 1957
  Title                        Chart(s)     From album or detail    Rec.
  -------------------          -------      --------------------    ----
  1.  My Happiness             -            The Great Performances  7/53
  2.  That's All Right         -            For LP Fans Only        7/5/54
  3.  Blue Moon Of Kentucky    -            A Date With Elvis       7/7/54
  4.  Good Rockin' Tonight     -            A Date With Elvis       9/54
  5.  Baby Let's Play House    C#5          A Date With Elvis       2-3/55
  6.  Mystery Train            C#11         For LP Fans Only        7/21/55
  7.  I Forgot To Remember     C#1          A Date With Elvis       7/21/55
       To Forget
  8.  I Got A Woman            -            Elvis Presley           1/10/56
  9.  Heartbreak Hotel         H#1, C#1,    Elvis' Golden Records   1/10/56
  10. I Was The One            H#19, C#8    For LP Fans Only        1/11/56
  11. Blue Suede Shoes         H#20         Elvis Presley           1/30/56
  12. My Baby Left Me          H#31, C#13   For LP Fans Only        1/30/56
  13. One-Sided Love Affair    -            Elvis Presley           1/30/56
  14. I'm Gonna Sit Right
       Down And Cry            -            Elvis Presley           1/31/56
       (Over You)
  15. Lawdy, Miss Clawdy       -            For LP Fans Only        2/3/56
  16. I Want You, I Need You,  H#1, C#1,    Elvis' Golden Records   4/14/56
       I Love You               R#3
  17. Hound Dog                H#1, C#1,    Elvis' Golden Records   7/2/56
  18. Don't Be Cruel           H#1, C#1,    Elvis' Golden Records   7/2/56
  19. Love Me Tender           H#1, C#3,    Elvis' Golden Records   8/24/56
  20. Love Me                  H#2, C#10,   Elvis                   9/1/56
  21. Paralyzed                H#59         Elvis                   9/2/56
  22. Too Much                 H#1, C#3,    Elvis' Golden Records   9/2/56
  23. All Shook Up             H#1, C#8,    Elvis' Golden Records   1/12/57
  24. Mean Woman Blues         C#11, R#11   Loving You              1/13/57
  25. (There'll Be) Peace      H#25         Elvis' Christmas Album  1/13/57
       In The Valley
  26. (Let Me Be Your)         H#1, C#1,    Loving You              1/15-
       Teddy Bear               R#1                                  18/57
  27. One Night                H#4, C#24,   Elvis' Gold Records     2/23/57
                                R#10         Vol. 2
  28. Jailhouse Rock           H#1, C#1,    Elvis' Gold Records     4/30/57
                                R#1          Vol. 2
  29. Treat Me Nice            H#18, C#11,  Elvis' Golden Records   9/5/57
  30. Blue Christmas           -            Elvis' Christmas Album  9/5/57
  31. Don't                    H#1, C#2,    Elvis' Gold Records     9/5-
                                R#4          Vol. 2                  7/57

  Disc 2: 1958 - 1962
  Title                        Chart(s)     From album or detail    Rec.
  -------------------          --------     --------------------    ----
  1.  Hard Headed Woman        H#1, C#2,    King Creole o.s.        1/15/58
  2.  Trouble                  -            King Creole o.s.        1/15/58
  3.  King Creole              -            King Creole o.s.        1/15/58
  4.  Wear My Ring Around      H#2, C#3,    Elvis' Gold Records     2/1/58
       Your Neck                R#1          Vol. 2
  5.  I Need Your Love Tonight H#4          Elvis' Gold Records     6/10/58
                                             Vol. 2
  6.  A Big Hunk O' Love       H#1, R#10    Elvis' Gold Records     6/10/58
                                             Vol. 2
  7.  (Now And Then There's)   H#2, C#16    Elvis' Gold Records     6/10/58
       A Fool Such As I                       Vol. 2
  8.  Stuck On You             H#1, C#27,   Elvis' Golden Records   3/20/60
                                R#6          Vol. 3
  9.  A Mess Of Blues          H#32         Elvis' Gold Records     3/20/60
                                             Vol. 4
  10. It's Now Or Never        H#1, R#7     Elvis' Golden Records   4/3/60
                                             Vol. 3
  11. Thrill Of Your Love      -            Elvis Is Back           4/3/60
  12. Such A Night             H#16         Elvis Is Back           4/3/60
  13. Are You Lonesome         H#1, C#22,   Elvis' Golden Records   4/3/60
       Tonight?                 R#3          Vol. 3
  14. Reconsider Baby          -            Elvis Is Back           4/3/60
  15. Doin' The Best I Can     -            G.I. Blues              4/27/60
  16. Pocketful Of Rainbows    -            G.I. Blues              5/6/60
  17. Surrender                H#1          Elvis' Golden Records   10/30/60
                                             Vol. 3
  18. Crying In The Chapel     H#3, AC#1    How Great Thou Art      10/30/60
  19. I Feel So Bad            H#5, R#15    Elvis' Golden Records   3/12/61
                                             Vol. 3
  20. There's Always Me        H#56         Something For Everybody 3/12/61
  21. Judy                     H#78         Something For Everybody 3/12/61
  22. Can't Help Falling       H#2, AC#1    Blue Hawaii             3/23/61
       In Love
  23. (Marie's The Name)       H#4, AC#2    Elvis' Golden Records   6/25/61
       His Latest Flame                      Vol. 3
  24. Little Sister            H#5          Elvis' Golden Records   6/25/61
                                             Vol. 3
  25. Good Luck Charm          H#1          Elvis' Golden Records   10/15/61
                                             Vol. 3
  26. Suspicion                -            Pot Luck                3/19/62
  27. She's Not You            H#5, AC#2,   Elvis' Golden Records   3/19/62
                                R#13         Vol. 3
  28. Return To Sender         H#2, R#5     Girls! Girls! Girls!    3/27/62

  Disc 3: 1963 - 1969
  Title                        Chart(s)     From album or detail    Rec.
  -------------------          --------     --------------------    ----
  1.  Bossa Nova Baby          H#8, R#20    Fun In Acapulco         1/22/63
  2.  (You're The) Devil       H#3, R#9     Elvis' Gold Records     5/26/63
       In Disguise                           Vol. 4
  3.  (It's A) Long Lonely     -            Kissin' Cousins         5/26/63
  4.  Need Somebody To Lean On -            I Got Lucky             7/9/63
  5.  Viva Las Vegas           H#29         50 Worldwide Gold       7/10/63
                                             Awards Hits Vol. 1
  6.  It Hurts Me              H#29         Elvis' Gold Records     1/12/64
                                             Vol. 4
  7.  This Is My Heaven        -            Paradise, Hawaiian      7/27/65
  8.  Adam And Evil            -            Spinout                 2/17/66
  9.  How Great Thou Art       -            How Great Thou Art      5/25/66
  10. Tomorrow Is A Long Time  -            Spinout                 5/25/66
  11. Guitar Man               H#43         Clambake                9/10/67
  12. Big Boss Man             H#38         Clambake                9/10/67
  13. Too Much Monkey Business -            Singer Presents Elvis   1/15/68
                                             Singing Flaming Star
                                             And Others
  14. U.S. Male                H#28, C#55   Almost In Love          1/16/68
  15. If I Can Dream           H#12         Elvis - TV Special      6/23/68
  16. Memories                 H#35, AC#7,  Elvis - TV Special      6/23/68
  17. Don't Cry Daddy          H#6, AC#3,   50 Worldwide Gold       1/15/69
                                C#13         Awards Hits Vol. 1
  18. In The Ghetto            H#3, C#60    From Elvis In Memphis   1/20/69
  19. Suspicious Minds         H#1, AC#4    50 Worldwide Gold       1/22/69
                                             Awards Hits Vol. 1
  20. Stranger In My Own       -            From Memphis To Vegas/  1/18-
       Home Town                             From Vegas To Memphis   22/69
  21. Kentucky Rain            H#16, AC#3,  50 Worldwide Gold       2/19/69
                                C#31         Awards Hits Vol. 1
  22. Only The Strong Survive  -            From Elvis In Memphis   2/19/69

  Disc 4: 1970 - 1977
  Title                        Chart(s)     From album or detail    Rec.
  -------------------          --------     --------------------    ----
  1.  Polk Salad Annie (live)  -            On Stage                2/18/70
  2.  The Fool                 -            Elvis Country           6/4/70
  3.  Funny How Time Slips     -            Elvis Country           6/7/70
  4.  I Washed My Hands In     -            Elvis Country           6/7/70
       Muddy Water
  5.  I Just Can't Help        -            That's The Way It Is    8/11/70
       Believin' (live)
  6.  I'm Leavin'              H#35, AC#2   Elvis Aron Presley      5/20/71
  7.  An American Trilogy      H#69         Elvis Aron Presley      6/16/72
  8.  Burning Love             H#2          Burning Love And Hits   3/28/72
                                             From His Movies
  9.  Always On My Mind        C#16         Separate Ways           3/29/72
  10. Steamroller Blues (live) H#17, C#31   Aloha From Hawaii       1/14/73
                                             Via Satellite
  11. Loving Arms              -            Good Times              12/13/73
  12. Good Time Charlie's      -            Good Times              12/13/73
       Got The Blues
  13. Promised Land            H#14, C#9    Promised Land           12/15/73
  14. T-R-O-U-B-L-E            H#35, C#11   Today                   3/11/75
  15. For The Heart            H#28, C#45   From Elvis Presley      2/5/76
  16. Hurt                     H#28, AC#7,  From Elvis Presley      2/5/76
                                C#6          Boulevard
  17. Way Down                 H#18, C#1    Moody Blue              10/29/76
  18. Unchained Melody (live)  -            Moody Blue              4/24/77
  19. A Little Less            H#50,        ELV1S: 30 #1 Hits       3/7/68
       Conversation             S#1 [2002]   [2002 remix]
       (JXL Radio Remix Edit,


Tracks 2 through 7 originally issued as Sun Records single sides, all other tracks originally issued on RCA.

  C indicates Billboard Top Country Songs chart
  H indicates Billboard Hot 100 chart
  R indicates Billboard Hot R&B chart
  S indicates Billboard Hot 100 Singles Sales chart

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