Popular BUZZ!™ Quiz Show Franchise Returns With BUZZ!™ Quiz World on PlayStation®3

Enhanced online play features, deeper customization, including new character, quiz and round-type options enrich the at-home quiz show just in time for the holidays


Sony Computer Entertainment America Inc. (SCEA) today introduced the most customizable and immersive BUZZ! ™ experience ever with BUZZ! ™ Quiz World available exclusively on the PlayStation®3 (PS3™) computer entertainment system. Developed by Relentless Software, BUZZ! Quiz World lets players define their BUZZ! quiz experiences exactly how they want to play - they can choose the round types, the question topics, and the game length. Add to this an all-new custom profile feature, making the game commentary from the host, Buzz, personalized to the player, and BUZZ! Quiz World puts contestants at the heart of the quiz show like never before.

BUZZ! Quiz World also features all new expanded gameplay content including more than 5,000 new questions with hundreds of pictures, videos, and music clips; extended 8-player multiplayer "Sofa vs. Sofa" action with voice chat; and exciting new rounds and characters all in a glitzy new TV-studio setting.

"We remain committed to delivering a variety of entertainment across PlayStation platforms and providing accessible content and engaging gameplay that brings people together--whether for a party or a family gathering," said Scott A. Steinberg, Vice President, Product Marketing, SCEA. "BUZZ! Quiz World takes the social nature of the BUZZ! franchise to the next level and stands as another example of the exclusive content we're bringing to the PlayStation 3 that appeals to all members of the family."

The deep customization options in BUZZ! Quiz World start with up to eight players choosing their own characters and creating their own personal profiles. In addition to hundreds of options for player names, contestants can now take on opponents in the form of a variety of new characters including a general, a nurse, and a knight. Gregarious host Buzz returns in BUZZ! Quiz World with the ability to give direct commentary during the game about each contestant and how they're doing, adding to the feeling of being in-studio.

Gameplay customization extends even further as players now have the ability to tailor their games to their liking through several options including round type, length of game, and question subjects. In "Round Select" mode, players can choose which rounds they play back-to-back and truly build their own game. For players who want to get quizzing immediately, they can select from "Standard," "Crazy," or "Serious" pre-set game types. New round types like "Over the Edge"--which involves a pit of goo awaiting those who answer questions incorrectly--and "On the Spot" designed to catch other players off guard extend the already robust round type content. BUZZ! Quiz World also lets players select short, 15-minute games or choose a 45-minute long intense competition.

In addition to the eight-player local multiplayer quizzing, now up to eight players of BUZZ! Quiz World can also go online to experience the enhanced "Sofa vs. Sofa" mode and challenge opponents across the nation. From the comfort of the couch, players can use voice chat during the multiplayer games to communicate throughout the game. Through PlayStation®Eye support, players everywhere can also take pictures during the game at key moments and relive the highs, lows, and glorious victories.

Introduced with the first BUZZ! game for PS3--BUZZ! Quiz TV--BUZZ! Quiz World utilizes the same user-generated quiz content from MyBUZZquiz.com. Players can create their own quizzes on MyBUZZ! about any topic imaginable and quizzes created on the MyBUZZquiz.com Web site can be played from the PS3 system. Sports fans can create a quiz based on their favorite teams, or families can create quizzes about family history for a fun holiday activity. Players can also download extra quiz packs exclusively from the PlayStation®Network and previously-purchased quiz packs for use with BUZZ! Quiz TV are compatible with BUZZ! Quiz World. A player's question bank is virtually limitless.

BUZZ! Quiz World has an ESRB rating of "T" for Teen. For more information about the ESRB, visit www.esrb.org.

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