Sony Computer Entertainment Announces Surround Sound System for the PlayStation®3 System, Hitting Worldwide Market in Fall 2010

Rich Surround Sound Environment Delivered in All-in-one Speaker, Offering a Whole New PlayStation® Experience to the Living Room


Sony Computer Entertainment (SCE) today announced that it will release a subwoofer built-in, all-in-one Surround Sound System for the PlayStation®3 (PS3™) system in fall 2010 in Japan, North America, Europe/PAL territories, and Asian countries/regions at a recommended retail price of 19,800 yen (including tax), US$199, and euro 199 respectively. Users will be able to enjoy immersive audio on the PlayStation®3 system, including upcoming games supporting PlayStation®Move motion controllers, Blu-ray movies, as well as stereoscopic 3D content by simply placing the speaker in front of the television and connecting it to the PS3 system with the optical digital cable.


The Surround Sound System utilizes cutting-edge technologies, including Sony's S-Force PRO Front Surround Sound that generates rich realistic surround sound over one front speaker. Delivering a dynamic sound environment with audio virtually coming from all directions, the Surround Sound System will immerse users into a cinema-like experience in the living room, making them feel like they are actually in the game or movie itself. Bringing in SCE's expertise in both entertainment and technology acquired from developing games, four sound fields of the speaker system have been designed with the help of SCE's expert game sound designers, to optimize the cinematic experience of all forms of entertainment.

The Surround Sound System comes with two audio inputs - an optical audio input for connecting high-end entertainment systems including PS3, and an analog audio input for connecting portable devices like the PSP® (PlayStation®Portable) system to enjoy listening to music in the living room. The form factor of the system features a sleek and casual design that matches perfectly with the PS3 system, and delivers dynamic sound without the physical space required by a traditional home theater system.

Through the introduction of new peripherals, SCE will continue to further expand the PS3 platform and create a new world of computer entertainment that is only possible on PlayStation.

  Product Outline

  Surround Sound System for PlayStation®3

  Product name          Surround Sound System
  ------------          ---------------------
  Product code          CECH-ZVS1
  ------------          ---------
  Release date          Fall 2010
  ------------          ---------
  Recommended retail
   price                19,800 yen  (including tax), US$199, euro 199
  ------------------    ---------------------------------------------
                         L + R: With 6 ohms loads, both channels driven,
                         from 200-20000 Hz ; rated 5 watts per channel
  Power Output and       minimum RMS power, with no more than 1 % total
   Total Harmonic        harmonic distortion from 250 milliwatts to rated
   Distortion:           output.
  ----------------      ------------------------------------------------
  (FTC) for the U.S.
  Amplifier section     L / R: 10 W (per channel at 6 ohms, 1 kHz)
  -----------------     ------------------------------------------
  U.S. models:          Subwoofer: 15 W + 15 W (at 8 ohms, 100 Hz)
  ------------          ------------------------------------------
  Power Output
  Speakers              Front speaker unit:
  --------              -------------------
                         Speaker system: Full range, Bass reflex, Speaker
                         units: 50 mm × 90 mm (2 in × 3 5/8 in), Rated
                         impedance: 6 ohms
                        Subwoofer unit:
                         Speaker system: Subwoofer system, passive
                         radiator type, Speaker units: 65 mm × 2
                         (subwoofer) 65 mm × 4 (passive radiator), Rated
                         impedance: 8 ohms
  Inputs                Analog × 1
  ------                ----------
                        Digital (Optical) × 1
                         Dolby Digital, DTS, MPEG-2 AAC, Linear PCM (2
  Supported formats      ch)*
  -----------------     ----------------------------------------------
                         DYNAMIC: This mode provides a wide range of tones
  Sound fields           with low/high frequencies and dynamic sounds.
  ------------           --------------------------------------------------
                         STEREO: This mode is suitable for any sound
                         quality, optimized for video games implementing
                         2 ch stereo sound. (Multiple channels are down-
                         VIVID: This mode provides a wide sound range and
                         enhances the surround sound channels.
                         STD (standard): This mode reproduces the sound
                         track with the kind of dynamic range that the
                         recording engineer intended.
                         NIGHT MODE: This function allows you to enjoy
  Other effects/         sound effects and hear the dialog clearly even
   functions             at low volume levels.
  --------------        ----------------------------------------------
                         DIALOG MODE: This function allows you to hear in-
                         game speech and narration with greater clarity.

                         Auto Standby (A.STBY): The surround sound system
                         enters standby mode automatically when there is
                         no audio output for 30 minutes.
                         18 V DC (2.6 A) (100 V -240 V AC, 50/60 Hz using
  Power requirements     the supplied AC power cord)
  ------------------    -------------------------------------------------
                         Main unit: (approx.) 2.4 kg, AC adaptor:
  Mass                   (approx.) 240 g
  ----                  -----------------------------------------
                         Main unit: (approx.) 720 mm × 85 mm × 87 mm, AC
                         adaptor: (approx.) 121 mm × 53 mm × 33 mm  (w ×
  Dimensions             h × d)
  ----------            ------------------------------------------------
  Included              -- Remote control  × 1
  --------              ---------------------
                        -- Optical digital cable (2.5 m) × 1
                        -- AC adaptor × 1
                        -- AC power cord  × 1
  * Linear PCM accepts sampling frequencies of no more than 48 kHz.

  About Sony Computer Entertainment Inc.

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