Sony Introduces Portable, Wireless Head Mounted Display

New Sony HMZ-T3W Personal 3D Viewer with Twin OLED Screens Delivers Immersive 'Big Screen' Experience and Now "On the Go"


SAN DIEGO, Oct. 7, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Sony Electronics today introduced its next-generation Personal 3D Viewer (model HMZ-T3W), the world's premier wearable high definition visual display featuring twin OLED screens.


Available for pre-sale in the U.S. now at Sony Stores and select retailers nationwide for $999, the Sony HMZ-T3W allows consumers a unique ability to sit back, relax and immerse themselves in a new world of portable entertainment with awesome, super-sized HD images and realistic sound reproduction – all with wireless freedom.

The third generation personal 3D viewer from Sony is lighter than its predecessors, easy-to-wear and loaded with simple connections for gaming consoles, PCs, home theater components, tablets and smartphones to enjoy a jaw-dropping view of movies, games and apps with a massive virtual screen size that brings a cinematic, home theater viewing experience into a portable, wearable device. 

Light and comfortable
From lengthy gaming sessions to movie marathons, consumers will be absorbed in immersive entertainment with supreme comfort. The ergonomically-styled head mounted unit features flexible headbands that quickly adjust to fit almost everyone. There's a large, cushioned head pad to reduce wear pressure, plus easy lens adjustment for relaxed, fatigue-free viewing.

Head-mounted HMZ-T3W viewers are no longer tethered to an AC power socket. The handy, compact battery box keeps the HMZ-T3W powered for hours to enjoy videos or games on the move. Additionally, when connected via MHL, the device will also charge the battery of mobile devices like smartphones and tablets while being watched and played. In addition, the HMZ-T3W also connects via HDMI®.

New WirelessHD™ lets consumers enjoy entertainment anywhere in the room with uncompressed, lag-free HD video and crisp digital sound, all without cords.

Play to win
The Sony HMZ-T3W portable 3D viewer keeps serious gamers in the game with speedy responses from its twin OLED screens and no annoying on-screen image lag. A one-touch button instantly boosts contrast and enhances shape details (game-mode), allowing gamers to relish the competitive edge in dimly-lit scenes where danger's always lurking. It's the perfect way to enjoy favorite titles, from fast paced shoot-'em-ups to tire-burning car rallies. Plus, there is no fumbling for the right keys in mid-game - the ergonomic visor-style headset gives an unobstructed 'look-down' view of your PC's keyboard and mouse while you play.

Surround Sound
Thrilling 7.1 channel virtual sound adds an extra dimension of realism to movies and games on the HMZ-T3W. Consumers can listen through either the supplied 16mm driver in-ear phones or pair the HMZ-T3W with their own favorite headphones. Whichever option chosen, Sony's Virtual Surround Technology creates an impressive 360 degree soundstage with dialogue, music and effects placed accurately around the viewer. It's like being in the cinema – or right in the action as the gaming battles rage around you.

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