The Dr. Oz Show Kicks Off Sweeps With 'Make It Happen May'

Upcoming Episodes Include Dr. Oz's Awkward Hall of Shame, Biggest Cellulite Myths, Outrageous Things Restaurants Do That Make You Sick, Mega Metabolism Boosters and The May Diet To Get 10 Pounds Off Now


NEW YORK, April 24, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- The three-time Emmy® award-winning, The Dr. Oz Show will kick-off May Sweeps with all-new, must-see shows to help viewers "Make It Happen" just in time for summer.  From busting the biggest cellulite myths to craving-killers that will shut down your appetite, mega metabolism boosters you can't live without, and the must-do May diet to lose 10 pounds in a month, Dr. Oz reveals his secrets to living the healthiest life yet. 

As part of May's programming, Dr. Oz welcomes Whoopi Goldberg to reveal how she quit her long-time addiction to smoking on 5/15.

Also in May, Dr. Oz welcomes Whoopi Goldberg to reveal how she quit her long-time addiction to smoking thanks to a Cystic Fibrosis Foundation video, featuring two young kids who inspired her to make a change. Plus, a story five years in the making - Dr. Oz goes face-to-face with the scam artists stealing his name to dupe consumers. With the help of an Internet Security expert, he tracks down one group of these scam artists and exposes them to the world once and for all. 

With summer right around the corner, Dr. Oz tackles some of the nation's biggest health riddles, cracking the case on the surprising reasons you overeat, the disturbing damage a water pill for weight loss can cause your body, and the master plan to eliminate pesky gas for good.  Plus, Dr. Oz takes you down his Awkward Hall of Shame with viewers sharing their most horrifying and humiliating health disasters ever.

Additional upcoming episodes of The Dr. Oz Show will change the way you look at food forever. First, health inspector Peter DeLucia uncovers the outrageous things restaurants do that make you sick - from menus that have more bacteria than your toilet to drinking water that contains E-Coli and seafood carrying scombroid bacteria. Then, pediatrician Dr. Alan Greene exposes the hidden dangers and unexpected health risks that could be involved in the preparation of microwave popcorn. Finally, activist and whistle blower Mike Adams reveals his findings on poisonous metals slipped into America's favorite meals and the three most common products in which they are found.

'Make It Happen May' Kick Off Week Shows:

Thursday, April 24: Dr. Oz takes on the biggest cellulite myths ever, revealing what you can do to easily diminish their appearance. Next, you've heard the warnings about sugar and caffeine-fueled energy drinks, but are the latest organic versions of these beverages any safer? Dietitian Kristin Kirkpatrick joins Dr. Oz to discuss the three ingredients to watch out for in organic energy drinks. Then, the most surprising reasons why you overeat, and the little adjustments to make to control your appetite. Later, how your beauty salon might be putting your health at risk and three things your beauty salon does not want you to know.  What do you use to clean? Dr. Oz will share some unexpected natural cleaners that are right in your home.

Friday, April 25: Dr. Oz meets the doctor who says he has the secret to losing 15 pounds in just one week and it involves eating anything you want with a slight catch. Dr. Alwin Lewis explains his "Five Bite Diet," and why he believes taking five bites of anything you want twice a day is the best way to shed pounds. Then, Dr. Oz shares how to find relief without surgery with the surprising and simple fix for your knee pain. Plus, veterinarian Dr. Marty Becker explains why dogs are just as vulnerable to high cholesterol as we are, and how to tell if your furry family member is at risk. Also, some natural secrets to relieve your most intense mood swings.

Monday, April 28: Dr. Oz shares mega-metabolism boosters that will reset your system back to its original state with four all-natural remedies that will speed up your digestive system and ultimately boost your metabolism. Then, he exposes the truths about water pills and the toll they take on your body and offers four healthy alternatives. Are your thinning eye brows a sign of a bigger health problem? Dr. Oz explains the medical conditions behind them. Then, Dr. Oz tests his audience members for iron deficiency. How many people are iron deficient, and what are the three signs you could be one of them? Plus, Dr. Oz shares protein power meals you can prepare in 5 minutes and the benefits of including protein at every meal.

Tuesday, April 29: Dr. Oz goes face to face with the scam artists stealing his name to dupe you! He reveals how unscrupulous store owners, websites, and businesses have been using his image to sell their products. Next, Dr. Alejandro Junger introduces a revolutionary eating plan to restart your body. Learn why you don't have to deprive yourself in order to detox and eat clean. Have you ever felt a weird twinge or sharp pain between your groin and your belly? Dr. Oz shares the cause of pain that most doctors miss—pelvic floor dysfunction. He explains the possible problems that can cause pain and simple solutions to prevent it. Later, a new report says what people want most in their lives is not happiness, but a sense of calm. Plus, can beer and meat fight cancer? Dr. Oz fires up the grill to show you how to combine the two with his cancer-fighting marinade.

Wednesday, April 30: Dr. Oz shares his May Diet to help you slim down before the summer months start by eliminating the excess water weight you've been carrying around, speed up weight loss, and shrink your waist way down immediately. Next, he will help you battle the bloat caused by excess gas. Then, Dr. Oz and integrative medicine practitioner Vicky Vlachonis reveal her provocative 3-step program to end chronic pain.  Later, Dr. Oz will show you how to fix the most common moisturizing mistakes that are making you look old. Did you know that body language can reveal valuable information about your health? Dr. Oz is joined by leading body language expert Janine Driver to help recognize and treat 4 common ailments that can be detected by simple body language. Finally, don't miss Dr. Oz's take on the selfie craze – how to use a selfie for your health!

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