The Last Internationale Debut "Wanted Man" Music Video on VEVO Today in Honor of Guy Fawkes Day



NEW YORK, Nov. 5, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- In recognition of Guy Fawkes Day, The Last Internationale premiere their cinematic music video for "Wanted Man" on VEVO today. Watch it here!

This fast-paced, entrancing, and explosive vignette stars actor Clifton Collins, Jr. [Pacific Rim, Star Trek] as a bounty hunter, Cameron Richardson [Shameless, Alvin and the Chipmunks] as an outlaw, and Mishel Prada [Benjamin Troubles] as the kidnapee. Meanwhile, drummer Brad Wilk and guitarist Edgey Pires are bounty hunters, while frontwoman Delila Paz assumes the role of an outlaw. Check it out now!

"We've always wanted to do a 70s spaghetti western-style video. I grew up on those movies and Wanted Man lends itself to this type of cinematic theme," said Delila Paz. "We found the perfect team with director Jesse Hill and the amazing actor Clifton Collins Jr., whose movies we grew up on. The video touches on the hunt and the hunted, Stockholm syndrome, and when right and wrong are not easily defined in a blood-thirsty, chaotic society."

"Wanted Man is about power as a social relation within the deranged civilization in which we live. Throughout the video the lines are often blurred between right and wrong and characters often play the double role of hunter/hunted and outlaw/bounty hunter," commented Edgey Pires. "Throughout history, the first victims of colonization are indigenous people and in time some of the oppressed themselves can internalize the dominant ideology and turn against their own people, which includes objectifying and domesticating 'their' women. The upside is that the oppressed are the majority and therefore have the power to overthrow the established order."

Following their riveting "Call For Action" show regarding Prop 47 in South Los Angeles last week, The Last Internationale continue to turn heads. Their critically lauded debut full-length, We Will Reign [Epic Records], is available in stores and through iTunes and all digital retailers.

The Last Internationale first emerged in 2013 with their independent EP, New York, 'I Do Mind Dying. Legendary Rage Against The Machine guitarist Tom Morello made an introduction between Delila Paz and Edgy Pires and his longtime bandmate Brad Wilk. The drummer ended up joining the group, and they unleashed We Will Reign this past summer. They've performed on The Late Show with David Letterman and recently supported Robert Plant on tour.

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