Theo Croker And DVRKFUNK Release New 5-Song Digital EP

DVRKFUNK Available Now On OKeh / DDB Records


NEW YORK, Oct. 29, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Theo Croker and his band DVRKFUNK release a new 5-song digital EP, DVRKFUNK, via OKeh / DDB Records, available now.

The EP arrives unchecked and unfiltered. It doesn't attempt to fit any one specific category, but draws upon the core principles of Jazz. Firmly of the present, merging tones, rhythms, acoustic and electronic grooves, it draws from all genres. This innovative alchemic amalgam reflects Croker's mission to embrace the past, while freely evolving the music forward. He rejects limitations and shirks boundaries.

In describing his intention behind the EP, Croker says, "In an effort to remain honest, music must serve not only as an artistic expression of humanity through tones and rhythms, but it must also reflect the society that gave it life," says Croker. "My life experiences have allowed me to share an eclectic, global viewpoint. DVRKFUNK gives listeners a look into that world."

DVRKFUNK is a follow up to Croker's critically acclaimed 2014 release AfroPhysicist which the Wall Street Journal said was full of "...catchy tunes and pervasive, danceable funk rhythms" and Revive Music praised Croker's ability to remove the "...rigid definitions of jazz" and infuse influences of hip-hop, Afrobeat and R&B.

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Tour Dates:
November 3 – The Jazz Standard, NY, NY
November 21 – Nichols Concert Hall, Chicago, IL
November 23 – DASOTA, Jacksonville, FL
January 17-23 – The Jazz Cruise, Various Ports of Call

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