Charlie Sheen Returns To "The Dr. Oz Show" For Another Exclusive In Depth Interview On His Experience With Dr. Samir Chachoua And His Close Call With His HIV Levels

Unseen Footage of Dr. Chachoua Treating Sheen In Mexico and the Steps That Led to His Setback With HIV


NEW YORK, Feb. 9, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- The three-time Daytime Emmy Award-winning "The Dr. Oz Show" will continue its coverage of actor Charlie Sheen's journey as a person living with HIV and managing his disease in an episode airing Wednesday, February 10 that refutes the wild claims made recently by Dr. Samir Chachoua on Real Time with Bill Maher

Charlie Sheen appears Wednesday on The Dr. Oz Show

As previously covered on the show, Sheen sought treatment with the controversial Dr. Samir Chachoua and experienced an increase in his HIV viral load as a result.  Chachoua recently gave an interview on Real Time with Bill Maher saying Sheen was "cured" of the virus and the first person to become "HIV negative."  On "The Dr. Oz Show," Dr. Oz reviews an update of Sheen's blood work showing the trajectory since being treated by Chachoua and subsequent return to his traditional HIV medication regimen.

"The experience Charlie had with Dr. Sam Chachoua had a disastrous effect on his health, despite anything the doctor has said publicly. The good news is that Charlie has returned to good health after resuming taking his anti-retroviral drugs," said Mehmet Oz, M.D., host, "The Dr. Oz Show."  "It's important as we chronicle Charlie's journey that we show some of the pitfalls and detours that appear under the pretense of false hope from fraudulent practitioners and are a grave risk to patients.  It's also an opportunity to re-affirm that there are excellent medications that keep HIV at manageable levels and a person can lead a long, happy life.  The current medical standard works well and should be embraced by anyone with an HIV diagnosis and Charlie's prognosis is excellent."

Included in the show is never-before-seen footage of Sheen's trip to Mexico where he met with Chachoua and tried what the doctor described as a treatment for HIV.  Chachoua, who is not licensed to practice medicine in the United States, has several ethically questionable interactions on camera which represented red flags for both Sheen and Dr. Oz.  The bizarre visit includes Dr. Chachoua asking Sheen to touch other patients and asking for assistance in the music business along with various other strange moments.  "The Dr. Oz Show" originally decided not to air the dramatic footage in the January episodes covering Sheen's journey.  However, after saying publicly that he possessed a cure and had cured Sheen, it was important to dispel the fabrication so others would not put their health at risk.

Also in the show is a recap of Sheen's meeting with several other cutting edge research scientists whose work with HIV could represent a new direction in treatment.  These are analyzed and explained, and Sheen reveals which treatment he will undergo under close clinical supervision.  "The Dr. Oz Show" will be following Sheen in additional episodes and exploring other areas of his overall health in the coming weeks.

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