Sony's MESH Project Announces Launch of Android App


NEW YORK, Sept. 28, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- Sony's MESH Project (, the creators of "MESH," a tool that lets anyone build their own projects and "smart inventions," has announced the launch of an Android version of the MESH App.

The free MESH app works seamlessly with MESH programmable sensors, and provides everything you need to design your own smart gadget and personalize the ones you already own. You can attach MESH tags to any physical object, and have it work with various connected devices, apps, and smart home gadgets by a simple drag & drop on the MESH app.

Anyone can instantly add clever features like automation and wireless control to make just about anything smarter - a coffee maker, connected light bulb, speaker, wearable, or anything you'd like. For instance, MESH could be used to create a smart notification system for a busy office reception desk using a MESH Button to send a text message notification to alert that someone has arrived at the front desk. Similarly, a homeowner could use MESH Motion, to turn on the connected front porch light bulb when guests approach the house for a dinner party.

No matter what your knowledge level, MESH is easy to use. There is no need for electronics or programming expertise. Simply drag and drop to connect the icons on the MESH app.

The MESH project, a startup incubated at Sony's Seed Acceleration Program in Japan, launched in 2015 with an iOS app.  The MESH team is inspired to find new ways to make it easier for everyone to create gadgets and environments that are smart and personalized.

The MESH App for Android has been developed to support Android devices (*) that are compatible with Bluetooth Low Energy and running Android 5.0 or higher (up until now the app has supported the iPad (3rd generation), iPad mini, iPhone 4S, and iPod Touch (5th generation), running iOS 8.0 or higher). All MESH tags will be compatible with the app running on any supported device and are available for purchase in US and Japan.

*Please refer to MESH's official web site or the app information pages for a list of supported devices.

  • For more product specifications and details, or where you can purchase MESH, visit


For further information: Lisa Gephardt, Sony Corporation of America, 212/833-6826,