Sony Launches Upgraded "α Universe" Website, New "α Universe" Podcast and New "α Imaging Collective" Social Advocacy Program


SAN DIEGO, Sept. 30, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- Sony Electronics, a worldwide leader in digital imaging and the world's largest image sensor manufacturer, has today announced several exciting new initiatives to support the growing community of enthusiasts that shoot with the α brand of interchangeable lens cameras and other Sony imaging products.  

Alpha Universe 2.0

Sony's "α Universe" website (, a content-driven community site that has steadily grown in popularity since its launch one year ago, has been upgraded to support our community by increasing the visibility of the many amazing content pieces that people are creating with Sony's digital imaging products.  Notable additions include a section for "α University", which brings together educational content, plus a link to listen to and download the new "α Universe" Podcast, covering many of the most relevant topics in the world of digital imaging. 

Additionally, Sony has announced their new "α Imaging Collective" social advocacy program.  Designed to support and promote the many influential photographers that are actively using Sony cameras, the program will serve as another component to strengthen and support the Sony α social community. 

"With a singular focus on our community of α enthusiasts, we are continually pushing to match the high level of innovation of our products with an equally innovative and forward-thinking approach to our sales and marketing initiatives," said Neal Manowitz, Vice President of Digital Imaging at Sony Electronics. "What we are doing with α Universe and the new α Imaging Collective are perhaps the best examples of that. Along with our Artisans of Imagery program, these platforms allow us to showcase the amazing work and to share the incredible passion of Sony customers with the world. They are and will remain a key cornerstone for all of our future plans and activities."

α Universe 2.0

The redesign of the new α Universe website is focused on showcasing more content more often. Education-themed and "how to" content has also been prioritized, with a new "α University" section ( that focuses on tips and tricks for popular categories within photography and videography including landscapes, weddings, portraits, 4K video and more, as well as a "Tutorials" section on the home page that highlights the latest instructional articles and posts. 

Visibility of video content as a whole has also increased, with a new highlighted section on the home page that will serve as a quick link to all of the latest videos posted to the site. The new site also highlights key events more prominently, including industry trade shows, retail shooting events, artisan speaking appearances, photography workshops and more.

α Universe Podcast

Sony's new α Universe Podcast will be hosted by the website's editor-in-chief, Christopher Robinson, and will feature a bi-weekly release of episodes.  Christopher will be speaking with a variety of modern creatives including many of Sony's Artisans of Imagery, covering many relevant topics in today's imaging industry. 

Each episode will consist of three sections including a guest interview, a brief product / technology discussion with a Sony team member and a "Do This Now" tip, where the main interviewee provides a simple idea to help listeners improve their work immediately. 

To visit the home page for the α Universe podcast and to download any of the first five episodes, please visit the podcast home page at  The podcast is also available for download on iTunes®.

α Imaging Collective

The α Imaging Collective, Sony's new advocacy program, provides a unique platform for passionate Sony photographers and videographers to express their creativity.  The program is comprised of strong, vocal Sony supporters that represent a powerful voice for the α brand throughout social media and beyond. 

To view some of the inspiring content captured by the α Imaging Collective members on their recent launch adventure, please follow @SonyAlpha or check out #AlphaCollective on Instagram, or read the Alpha Universe article HERE

To apply to become a part of the α Imaging Collective, please apply HERE

With the introduction of the new α Universe 2.0 website and the α Imaging Collective advocacy program, plus the existing Artisans of  Imagery program, Sony now owns a diverse set of high-visibility, highly creative platforms/communities that all share one common goal:  to showcase the incredible imagery being created by Sony shooters. 


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