Sony Expands In-Car Audio Line Up Emphasizing Smartphone Connectivity and EXTRA BASS™ Sound

Sony Enhances Listening and User Experience for Car Audio Enthusiasts


LAS VEGAS, Jan. 4, 2017  /PRNewswire/ -- (CES, Booth #3102) -- Sony Electronics announced today its new line up of in-car audio systems, AV centers and speakers. Featuring the latest smartphone integration, connectivity and high power sound, the new car audio products offer everything drivers need and more to enhance their audio experience, whether they are embarking on a long trip or sitting in traffic on their daily commute.

Available Spring 2017, the enhanced lineup allows users to play a variety of media file types and enjoy the benefit of a tailored car audio experience with the latest technology advancements.

Available March 2017 for $119.99 MSRP
The Bluetooth® compatible MEX-N5200BT car audio system will allow users to experience the essentials on-the-go. This 4x55W powered Bluetooth® CD single-DIN receiver is equipped with enhanced smartphone connectivity that will conveniently assist users to access the Bluetooth dual phone connection and other apps to control audio. The MEX-N5200BT also includes front AUX connection and AOA2.0 compatible USB terminal, configurable steering remote input and illumi-highlighted design to capture and sync with the driver's style, car-interior and sound. The MEX-N5200BT comes SiriusXM Radio ready and compatible with Pandora through users' iPhone or Android device.

Available February 2017 for $179.99 MSRP
The MEX-GS620BT car audio system is designed for the specialist listener who seeks a premium sound experience in the car. This receiver is powered by a 4x55W amplifier in a single-DIN dimensions incorporating dual Bluetooth connectivity, accepting additional music formats (MP3, WMA, AAC, WAV, and FLAC) and dual USB inputs with front AUX connection allowing for an advanced sound engine. Additional key features include easy smartphone utilization with AOA2.0 compatibility and 2-zone illumi-highlighted design to match car-interior and sound. Similar to the MEX-N5200BT, the MEX-GS620BT comes SiriusXM Radio ready and compatible with Pandora through users' iPhone or Android device.

Available March 2017 for $199.99 MSRP
The Bluetooth® compatible MEX-M71BT car audio system with Marine treatment will offer users EXTRA BASS quality playback to enjoy great sound on-the-go. The Marine special treatment equips the system with a positive multi-color LCD display and UV resistant detachable panel, anti-rust, conformal coating for circuit board and FM/AM step change. Similar to the MEX-N5200BT and MEX-GS620BT receivers, the MEX-M71BT offers AUX and AOA2.0 compatible USB connection, and is SiriusXM Radio ready and Pandora compatible with iPhone or Android devices.

XAV-W651BT and XAV-V631BT
Available February 2017 for $279.00 MSRP (W651BT) & $249.00 MSRP (V631BT)
Experience in-car audio with the Bluetooth® compatible XAV-W651BT car DVD AV center and XAV-X631BT mechless AV center. These AV centers are for those drivers interested in simple and convenient car-multimedia access. Voice control, powered by Sony's SongPal™ app or Siri Eyes Free, these centers allow users to access their media easily while on the road. With one-touch connection via NFC, drivers can simply and easily integrate their smartphones for in-car use. This AV center delivers high power in car sound integrating Sony's EXTRA BASS technology. The new models also include intuitive touch screen interface, front AUX connection and rear view camera ready function with customizable parking guidelines. Additionally, the AV center is navigation ready for connecting with the optional XA-NV400 navigation module to assist in drivers' journeys. Utilize the DVD capabilities with the XAV-W651BT AV center.

Available February 2017 for $329.99 MSRP
The XA-NV400 navigation system pairs well with Sony's compatible AV in-car receivers and is the perfect companion for long car trips. The compact, hide-away unit is equipped with maps from the US, Canada and Puerto Rico and is TomTom® map applicable.

Available February 2017 for $129.99 MSRP
The 10" car subwoofer supplies a car with high power handling and high rigidity for powerful bass with low distortion. The MRC (Mica Reinforced Cellular) Honeycomb diaphragm will enhance user's in-car listening experiences and is perfect for the car audio specialist and enthusiast.

Available May 2017
The double-DIN Bluetooth CD receiver allows heavy bass lovers to enjoy great sound in their vehicle and use their smartphone conveniently while in the car with 100W power by built-in class-D amplifier and integrating EXTRA BASS technology. The model also features illumi-highlighted design to match car-interior and sound with 2-zone Dynamic Color Illuminator and high-contrast three-line LCD. The new model also offers AOA2.0 compatible Android™ music playback, Bluetooth dual phone connection, HD Radio tuner, dual USB and dual AUX input and is NFC, SongPal and Siri Control compatible.

Sony is exhibiting car audio products at the CES Sony Booth #3102. The main Sony booth is #17300. To follow the online conversation use #SONYCES. For more information, please visit


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