Sony Network Communications Inc. Establishes New Company Rocro Inc. and Begins Offering its SaaS for Software Development

Automatic Code Review and Correction, Continuous Documentation, and Automatic Load Testing, All Provided by SaaS.


TOKYO, Sept. 13, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- Sony Network Communications Inc. is establishing a new company, Rocro Inc., and will begin offering a public beta version of Rocro services for software development beginning today.

Rocro is a type of SaaS (software as a service) for software development, which works with the and repositories for automatic code review, API document generation and load testing. Rocro will support DevOps efforts aimed at the speedy development and release of applications while carrying out continuous improvement based on changing market needs. 

As mobile and cloud services continue to expand and all aspects of life become increasingly networked through IoT devices, software is now more important than ever. High value-added software is increasingly sought after as a source of differentiation, and development cycles are becoming larger in scope and complexity.

However, in large-scale software development, developers often become bogged down in secondary tasks such as tool maintenance, and find themselves unable to devote sufficient time and energy to the essential task of development work itself. The development community is always seeking innovations to development environments that will reduce such inefficiencies and allow software developers to focus on their primary work while accelerating the pace of development cycles as a whole.

Rocro aims to solve these challenges. We help developers achieve constant workflow efficiency by providing cloud services for automatic code review and correction, automatic API document generation and hosting, and automatic load testing. Rocro Inc. helps software developers around the world focus on their essential tasks through an array of services that contribute to work automation, simplification, and parallelization.


Outline of Rocro Services

Rocro is the general term for a group of services, initially consisting of the following three:

(1)  Inspecode: Automatic code review & code correction service

  • Automatic code review with more than 40 established tools such Checkstyle, golint, Pyflakes etc.
  • Powerful automatic correction features. Easily merge fixes using Pull Request.
  • Faster than the current state-of-the-art. Results are obtained instantly.

(2)  Docstand: API documentation and hosting service

  • Connects to repository, automatically chooses an API documentation tool, executes it, and hosts it.
  • Automated maintenance of difficult-to-maintain documentation.

(3)  Loadroid: Automatic load testing service

  • Cloud load testing service. By simply writing a test scenario, automatically constructs load server in the cloud, executes the load test and also calculates the test results.
  • Ultra large capacity load testing, simulating hundreds of thousands of IoT devices, etc. These previously impossible tests can now be easily simulated.

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Since April 2017, Rocro has undergone a closed beta involving more than 60 organizations from Japan, the United States and India, and has gotten feedback and improved its product. We will offer Inspecode and Docstand free as a public beta as of today, September 14 (Loadroid will continue undergoing closed testing). We will continue to improve our products based on a wide range of community feedback. To use the Rocro service, please apply through the Rocro website (


Overview of Rocro Inc.

Company name:  Rocro Inc.
Head office location:  4-12-3 Higashi Shinagawa, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo
Capital:  50,000,000 JPY
     Tomoaki Kobayakawa, CEO
     Yoshiyuki Mineo, CTO
Board of Directors:
     Hisashi Tamai
     Tomio Hayakawa
     Keiji Shiotani
Business start date:  September 14, 2017
Shareholders:  Sony Network Communications Inc. 100%
Business description:  Service business for software development
Website URL:

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Exhibit: Inspecode


Exhibit: Docstand (1)


Exhibit: Docstand (2)


Exhibit: Loadroid



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