Music Collaboration Leader Tully Announces Major Expansion Of Services For Independent Artists, Adds New Solutions For Managers

Innovative Technology Supports Entrepreneur Creators, is Co-Founded by Grammy-Nominated Artist Joyner Lucas, Manager Dhruv Joshi and backed by Sony Music Entertainment

New Tully Platform Features Help Artist Teams Manage Music Development Process More Efficiently


NEW YORK, Nov. 23, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Tully, the groundbreaking music creation and collaboration solution for artists, announces the launch of Tully Platform – the next step in giving entrepreneur creators and their teams a more efficient and organized way to manage their music development process and take creative careers to the next level.  

The company, founded by Grammy-nominated recording artist Joyner Lucas and manager/entrepreneur Dhruv Joshi, is offering new service tiers that uniquely streamline and simplify the creative process of preparing content for distribution into the market.  

Building on Tully's entry level service of allowing recording artists and songwriters to play, write, record song ideas, save beats, find rhymes and store original recordings all within one secure cloud-based application, Tully Platform now provides users at any level of their career journey unmatched levels of organization and management over the entire workflow of developing new content. 

Tully Platform for the first time brings together an expanded array of creator capabilities all in a single platform that is accessible anytime, anywhere. This includes the ability to securely store and keep track of recordings and creative assets in development, assign project tasks, set rules for how and when collaborators and partners can interact with assets, make changes to metadata, and access standard contract templates to quickly create split sheets and other agreements. Users can also collaborate virtually and share their projects with an engineer or other collaborators before studio sessions, allowing instant access to the audio file, lyric sheet, and recording ideas.  

Tully has designed Tully Platform to scale with the feature, workflow and storage needs of professional users – from DIY recording artists looking for an end-to-end solution for organizing the business around creative assets, to artist managers overseeing multiple clients' careers. These include: 

  • Tully Pro – A premium tier for individual members offering 500 GB of storage, enhanced security and file sharing, advanced project collaboration features and discounts on premium beats available for $9.95 per month.
  • Tully Team – An expanded tier for use by up to three plan members offering 1 TB of storage, 10 guest accounts, full access to Tully's web and mobile platforms, tools and templates for creating contracts, and the ability to organize recordings into albums and EPs, available for $29 per month. 
  • Tully AMP – An artist management tier for up to five plan members offering 2 TB of storage, 20 guest accounts and the ability to manage multiple portfolios of up to 3 artist catalogs, available for $59 per month. 

Tully also offers a range of enterprise level solutions for larger management and label teams to use the platform.  

In bringing together state-of-the-art tools supporting ideation, collaboration, asset management and rights management in one platform, Tully offers entrepreneurial artists and industry professionals reduced overhead costs vs. having to build a similar set of solutions on an a la carte basis and greater opportunities to drive revenue development around their content. 

Said Joyner Lucas, "As an artist, I want my independence, I want ownership, and I want transparency from my team. We built Tully Platform to give me all of that in one simple, easy-to-use app. Tully Platform is an end-to-end solution for a digital music industry. Whether you're on your own, or have a management team or label supporting you, Tully Platform empowers artists to take control of their careers." 

Said Dhruv Joshi, "You can make great music but you need more than that to make a great career. We built Tully Platform so that every artist can have the tools to compete for success in the industry. It takes the guesswork out of being independent and in control of your work and lets you focus on what matters, being creative." 

Said Dennis Kooker, President, Global Digital Business and U.S. Sales, Sony Music Entertainment, "Joyner Lucas and Dhruv Joshi are at the forefront of driving new technology solutions that enhance and support the music development process.  We continue to be impressed by their creative-first approach to Tully's product evolution.  As accomplished music creators and entrepreneurs, they have built Tully Platform with a firsthand understanding of the tools artists need to focus on their creative output." 

The introduction of Tully's new premium Platform service tiers follows an announcement in April that Sony Music Entertainment has taken a leading strategic investment in the company to support Tully's ongoing work to further expand its feature offerings and grow its user base. 

Tully was born out of a need Joyner and Joshi had for virtual creation and collaboration tools in Joyner's own music making process, and Joyner used Tully in the process of developing his new album "ADHD," and his latest EP "Evolution." 

About Tully 

Tully is a music creation and collaboration solution for artists founded by Grammy-nominated independent musician Joyner Lucas and manager/entrepreneur Dhruv Joshi and backed by a leading investment from Sony Music Entertainment. Born out of a need Joyner had for greater simplicity and efficiency in his own music making process, Tully launched in 2018 as a service that allows anyone to write and record song ideas in a single application and share their projects with producers and other creators. In November 2020 Tully introduced a major expansion with Tully Platform, a suite of pro level services offering artists at any level of their career journey greater levels of organization and management over the entire workflow of developing new content. In bringing together these capabilities in one platform, Tully offers artists reduced overhead costs vs. having to build a similar set of solutions on an a la carte basis, and provides greater opportunities to drive revenue development around creative content. For more about Tully visit or download the Tully app from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store


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