Sony Electronics Introduces the SRS-NB10 Wireless Neckband Speaker, the Ultimate Work-From-Home Companion


SAN DIEGO, July 6, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- Sony Electronics Inc. today announced the SRS-NB10, a new wireless neckband speaker that allows users to seamlessly take conference calls, listen to music and walk around in total comfort. Designed to rest on the shoulders, the NB10 features a full-range speaker unit for high quality personal sound and an open-ear lightweight design for all-day wearing.

"The new NB10 is the perfect work-from-home product, offering impressive new features that can power anyone through their workday," said Daisuke Kawaguchi, Vice President of Home Entertainment & Sound, Sony Electronics Inc. "With stunning call quality and a comfortable design, customers can keep this on all day long without shutting out the world around them."

Hear Clearly
The NB10 is optimized for personal sound so the user can hear their virtual meetings and phone calls clearly, without disturbing others in the room. Thanks to a full-range speaker unit angled upwards and a passive radiator to boost the bass, every call features incredible audio clarity.   

With Precise Voice Pickup Technology, two Beamforming microphones and advanced audio signal processing, the NB10 minimizes feedback and echo and delivers crystal clear voice quality. Users can also easily control the microphone while on conference calls with a simple click of the MIC Mute button1.

All-Day Wearing Comfort
Lightweight and comfortable, this wireless neckband speaker is perfectly suited for a work-from-home lifestyle. The speaker fits securely around the neck and rests gently on the shoulders so users can wear it throughout the workday to listen to calls and into the evening to enjoy podcasts and music. To ensure all-day comfort, a flexible band on the back helps users find the perfect fit.

Powerful and Practical
With up to 20 hours of battery life2, the NB10 is ready to handle a whole day of business calls, music playlists, TV shows and more. Additionally, a quick 10 minute charge gives up to an hour of extra playback2. The NB10 is also compatible with USB Type-C®. 

Thanks to Multipoint Connection3, users can connect two devices at the same time. If a business call comes in on a customer's laptop while they're listening to music on their smartphone, they can take the call with just one click of the Play/Call button on the left side of the neckband. Once the call is over, it's back to their favorite playlist with no need to reconnect. 

With Bluetooth® technology, users can connect to a TV4, smartphone or music player to enjoy favorite movies, shows and playlists without bothering the neighbors, roommates or other family members. 

Additionally, the IPX4 splash-proof design5 makes it easy to enjoy favorite shows and tunes, even while doing daily chores like the dishes.

Designed with the Environment in Mind
The NB10 features a sleek and simple open-ear design with a high-quality fabric finish for a premium look and feel. The speaker is designed to be stylish, yet with the environment in mind. Plastic comprises less than 10% of the packaging material, reflecting Sony's commitment to reducing the environmental impact of its product and practices.  

Pricing and Availability:
The SRS-NB10 has a suggested retail price of $149.99 and is available to order in charcoal gray or white in September 2021. For a full list of specifications and information, please visit:

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1 When using communication apps, microphone settings appear "on" on the app settings.
2 When volume is set to approximately level 22. Actual performance may vary from the listed time due to the volume, songs played, surrounding temperature, and usage conditions.
3 One for music playback using A2DP protocol, the other for communication using HFP profile. Requires devices corresponded to Bluetooth connection. Combination of Mac OS computer and iPhone is not available.
4 Requires TV with a Bluetooth connection. Audio delay possibly occur for watching movie or TV programs due to Bluetooth characteristics.
5 Water resistant is effective only when the cap is closed. Not guaranteed for all situations.


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