"Arc & Beyond," a non-profit organization established by the Sony Group, announces call for Co-creation Partners to address social issues


Sony Group contributes 3 billion JPY to the organization fund

TOKYO, May 28, 2024 /PRNewswire/ -- Sony Group Corporation (Sony) established the non-profit organization Arc & Beyond in April 2024 with the mission of creating businesses that address social issues in collaboration with diverse partners. Today, Arc & Beyond has announced a call for Co-creation Partners to join its impact business initiative. This initiative will be funded by investment profits generated by the newly established Arc & Beyond Fund. Notably, Sony has already made a significant contribution of 3 billion JPY to the fund.

Arc & Beyond aims to address various social barriers that prevent people from fully expressing their creativity and experiencing moving (Kando) moments. Through the organization's collaborative platform, corporations and individual contributors can come together to create business opportunities that help address these challenges and deliver Kando experiences for more people.

  • Impact business initiative powered by the Arc & Beyond Fund

Arc & Beyond develops and implements technology- and design-driven educational programs and inclusive sports experiences, and also creates new ventures and collaborative projects that contribute to solving social issues. Arc & Beyond seeks to collaborate with partners who share its vision to create and operate social impact initiatives.

The Co-creation Partners consist of Fund Partners who contribute to the Arc & Beyond Fund, and Solution Partners who support the social impact initiatives. We welcome the participation of a wide range of companies, organizations, and individuals in both categories. Funds entrusted by Fund Partners will be managed by an investment company, and the investment profits will be dedicated to create and operate businesses to solve social issues. Going forward, Arc & Beyond will build and expand its impact business operations in dialogue with its partners.

*For details, please see: https://arc-beyond.org/en/business/

  • Comments from Arc & Beyond and Sony Group Corporation

"As social challenges grow more intricate and multifaceted, it is essential to objectively evaluate the impact that businesses and their initiatives have on society and to establish a sustainable flow of funds," said Hiro Ishikawa, Representative Director of Arc & Beyond. "In the future, I believe it will be important for many stakeholders with the same sense of urgency to work together in solidarity to collectively create initiatives that help solve social issues. This is the spirit behind the name of our organization, which combines 'Arc' to gently connect people and 'Beyond' to go beyond boundaries and constraints. Arc & Beyond will take a unique approach to solving social issues by utilizing businesses and technology in three areas: 'creating businesses' to solve social issues, 'creating a system' to sustain business initiatives, and 'creating a platform' where people can co-create and support each other. We will work together with diverse people to realize a future with full of hope."

"Sony founded Arc & Beyond as a new approach to tackle social issues and has contributed 3 billion JPY to the Arc & Beyond Fund," said Hiroki Totoki, President, COO and CFO, Sony Group Corporation. "When different people and companies come together, we can become a greater force for good. As more and more partners with the same aspiration join in the vision of Arc & Beyond, we hope to accelerate innovation that leads to the solution of social issues and help to build a society where everyone can experience Kando."

  • Association overview
    • Name: Arc & Beyond Association, Inc.
    • Location: 1-7-1 Konan,¬†Minato-ku, Tokyo
    • Established: April 1, 2024
    • Executive composition
      Representative Director:
      Hiro Ishikawa (Sony Group Corporation / Takeoff Point LLC.)
      Emi Makino (Associate Professor, College of International Management, Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University)
      Toru Mio (Chief Executive, Mio & Company Inc.)
      Toshimoto Mitomo (Executive Deputy President and CSO, Sony Group Corporation)
      Executive Directors:
      Takehiro Hagiwara (Sony Group Corporation)
      Tomohiro Uesugi (Sony Group Corporation)
  • Website:¬†https://arc-beyond.org/en/

SOURCE Sony Group Corporation

For further information: Corporate Communications Department, Sony Group Corporation: Sony.Pressroom@jp.sony.com, Public Relations, Arc & Beyond: contact@arc-beyond.org