Sony Establishes "Green Management 2025" Group Environmental Medium-Term Targets

Will eliminate plastic packaging from newly-designed small products by fiscal 2025


Tokyo, Japan -- Sony Corporation (hereinafter “Sony”) has set a long-term environmental plan “Road to Zero” to achieve a “zero environmental footprint” by 2050 throughout all stages of its product lifecycles and business activities. To achieve this, it sets medium-term environmental targets every five years to serve as milestones. Targets are determined by “back-casting” (calculating backwards) from the final goal. Sony today announced the establishment of its "Green Management 2025” (hereinafter “GM2025”) group environmental medium-term targets that will take effect from fiscal (hereinafter “FY”) 2021 through 2025.              

Sony expects to achieve most of the targets set forth in its previous plan, "Green Management 2020” (hereinafter “GM2020”), which covers the five-year period up to and including FY2020. For GM2025, Sony has included new indexes as the key performance indicators based on issues identified in the course of GM2020 considering the current environmental situation. Those new GM2025 indexes include targets regarding elimination of plastic packaging from newly-designed small products and renewable electricity usage as a percentage of total electricity use at sites which is in accordance with the provisions of RE100*1.

*1: A global initiative whose members seek to supply the electricity for their business activities using 100% renewable energy, which Sony joined in 2018.

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