Sony Group Corporation Executive Appointments


Tokyo, Japan – Sony Corporation* today announced candidates for the executives who will be responsible for the management of the Sony Group Corporation in FY2021. Following approvals from the appropriate governing committees, the candidates are scheduled to officially take up their positions after Sony’s Ordinary General Meeting of Shareholders, due to be held in June, 2021.

Executive Appointment [Executives of equal rank are listed in order of appointment]             

Kenichiro Yoshida --- Chairman, President and CEO                  

Representative Corporate Executive Officer


Hiroki Totoki --- Executive Deputy President and CFO              

Representative Corporate Executive Officer


Shigeki Ishizuka --- Vice Chairman              

Representative Corporate Executive Officer                 

Support for Electronics Businesses               

Officer in charge of Disc Manufacturing Business              

Officer in charge of Storage Media Business              

Officer in charge of Quality Management             


Toru Katsumoto --- Executive Deputy President and CTO                

Corporate Executive Officer                

Officer in charge of R&D             

Support for Medical Business                

President, R&D Center              


Terushi Shimizu --- Senior Executive Vice President               

Officer in charge of Imaging & Sensing Solutions Business              

Representative Director, President and CEO,                 

Sony Semiconductor Solutions Corporation             

Representative Director and President,             

Sony Semiconductor Manufacturing Corporation              

Representative Director and President, Sony LSI Design Inc.


Rob Stringer --- Senior Executive Vice President             

Officer in charge of Music Business (Global)              

Chairman, Sony Music Group               

CEO, Sony Music Entertainment            


Anthony Vinciquerra --- Senior Executive Vice President             

Officer in charge of Pictures Business            

Chairman and CEO, Sony Pictures Entertainment Inc.


Jim Ryan --- Senior Executive Vice President            

Officer in charge of Game & Network Services Business          

President and CEO, Sony Interactive Entertainment LLC              

Representative Director and President, Sony Interactive Entertainment Inc.


Shunsuke Muramatsu --- Senior Executive Vice President             

Officer in charge of Music Business (Japan)             

President and Representative Director of the Board, CEO,              

Sony Music Entertainment (Japan) Inc.


Jon Platt --- Senior Executive Vice President             

Officer in charge of Music Publishing (Global)           

Chairman and CEO, Sony Music Publishing              


Masashi Oka --- Senior Executive Vice President              

President and CEO, Representative Director, Sony Financial Holdings, Inc.


Kimio Maki --- Senior Executive Vice President              

Officer in charge of Electronics Products & Solutions Business          

Representative Director, President and CEO, Sony Corporation


Shiro Kambe --- Senior Executive Vice President          

Corporate Executive Officer            

Officer in charge of Legal, Compliance, Corporate Communications, Sustainability, External Relations, and Privacy


Kazushi Ambe --- Senior Executive Vice President         

Corporate Executive Office           

Officer in charge of Human Resources and General Affairs


Tsuyoshi Kodera --- Executive Vice President            

CDO (Chief Digital Officer) (New role added)               

Officer in charge of Digital Transformation Strategy, Information Systems, and Information Security


Toshimoto Mitomo --- Executive Vice President           

Officer in charge of Intellectual Property and Business Incubation Platform           

Sony Group China Representative             

Senior General Manager, Startup Acceleration Division         


Hiroaki Kitano --- Executive Vice President           

Officer in charge of AI Collaboration              

President and CEO, Sony Computer Science Laboratories, Inc.               

Representative Director and CEO, Sony AI Inc.              


Natsuko Takei (Promoted) --- Executive Vice President                

Officer in charge of Legal, Compliance, and Privacy              

Senior General Manager, Legal Department            


Izumi Kawanishi (Promoted) --- Executive Vice President            

Officer i n charge of AI Robotics Business


Makoto Toyoda --- Senior Vice President            

CIO (Chief Information Officer)              

President, Representative Director, Sony Global Solutions Inc.


Ryuji Omura --- Senior Vice President                 

In charge of Technology Intelligence and Relations


Naomi Matsuoka --- Senior Vice President              

In charge of Corporate Planning and Control, Finance and IR


Karen L. Halby --- Senior Vice President                

In charge of Global Tax            

Executive Vice President, Sony Corporation of America


Hirotoshi Korenaga --- Senior Vice President              

In charge of Accounting             

Senior General Manager, Global Accounting Division


Hisashi Tamai --- Senior Vice President       

Deputy President, R&D Center (New role added)              


Mark E. Khalil (Newly appointed) --- Senior Vice President              

President and General Counsel, Sony Corporation of America              

Executive Vice President, General Counsel & Secretary, Sony Electronics Inc.


Executive to retire            

Masayuki Hattori --- Senior Vice President              

In charge of Research and Development, R&D Center           


Executive Chief Engineers to retire           

Teruo Hirayama --- Strategic Assistant to Corporate Executive Officer in charge of R&D Center


Keiichiro Shimada --- In charge of Technology Policy and Relations


*As of April 1st 2021, Sony Corporation will change its company name to "Sony Group Corporation."


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