Sony Group Donates $1 Million in Response to the COVID-19 Crisis in India

- Funding from "Sony Global Relief Fund for COVID-19" -


Tokyo, Japan - The Sony Group today announced a 1 million US dollar donation to support the COVID-19 crisis in India, where the recent surge in infections is leading to shortages of medical supplies and overwhelming the country's health system.

In response to the situation in India, the Sony Group will donate 1 million US dollars through the 'Sony Global Relief Fund for COVID-19' to the United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF) and other organizations, to procure oxygen for medical purposes and PCR testing machines, and to support local relief activities.

In April 2020, the Sony Group established the 'Sony Global Relief Fund for COVID-19' and has been engaged in various relief efforts, mainly in the areas of medical, education and the creative community. The Sony Group will continue to work with its partners and stakeholders to provide further support for those around the world affected by COVID-19.

Read more about the 'Sony Global Relief Fund for COVID-19' here.

For further information: Corporate Communications Department Sony Group Corporation