Sony Publishes “Corporate Report 2021”


Tokyo, Japan -- Sony Group Corporation ("Sony") has published "Corporate Report 2021," which comprehensively covers both financial and non-financial information about the company. The report has been made publicly available through Sony's Investor Relations (IR) website beginning today.

Based on Sony's Purpose to "fill the world with emotion, through the power of creativity and technology," Sony conducts its businesses from a long-term perspective centered on "Kando" (emotion) and “People,” who are the subjects of those emotional experiences.

In April 2021, Sony transitioned to a new group organizational structure with the aim of supporting the further Group-wide growth and development. Taking advantage of diverse businesses and human resources, Sony is working to increase the value of the entire Group. In addition, to further strengthen the foundation for value creation, each of the six major business segments has identified its own materiality items and is promoting related initiatives.

This report details the progress of corporate strategies and initiatives for value creation from a long-term perspective based on Sony’s Purpose, in line with the continued dialogues that Sony maintains with various stakeholders.

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