Sony Corporate Strategy Meeting FY2022


- Strengthening Content IP, DTC and Technology Initiatives and Creating New Entertainment Experiences in the Kando Space Centered Around the Metaverse and Mobility -

Tokyo, Japan - Sony Group Corporation (“Sony” or the “Company”) today held its Corporate Strategy Meeting for the fiscal year ending March 31, 2023 (“FY2022”).

Chairman, President and CEO Kenichiro Yoshida explained that Sony continues to engage in management with a long-term view, based on its Purpose (or reason for being) to “fill the world with emotion (or Kando) through the power of creativity and technology,” and its corporate direction of getting closer to people. He emphasized Sony’s “Responsibility” and “Contribution” to people, society and the Earth, and outlined the investment and growth Sony is making across its three business domains centered on people. Mr. Yoshida then presented the initiatives Sony is implementing to support the evolution of entertainment through the power of creativity and technology, including further strengthening its content intellectual property (“IP”) and direct-to-consumer (“DTC”) services in its three entertainment businesses that “move people’s hearts,” its efforts to create new entertainment experiences in the Kando space centered around the metaverse and mobility, and its technological advancements centered around sensing technology that captures the real world, and artificial intelligence (“AI”) that learns from the world.

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