Sony Corporate Strategy Meeting 2023

- Contributing to Creativity through Management with a Long-term View, and Achieving Growth through Evolution of Diversity -


Tokyo, Japan - Sony Group Corporation today held its Corporate Strategy Meeting 2023.

Chairman and CEO Kenichiro Yoshida spoke on Sony’s management direction, while President, COO and CFO Hiroki Totoki focused on the growth strategies of each business.

Mr. Yoshida first looked back at the expansion of Sony’s business from a long-term perspective from its founding, through to recent initiatives to reorganize the Sony Group’s architecture, strengthen creativity, and expand the Kando space, based on Sony’s Purpose (or reason for being) to “fill the world with emotion (or Kando) through the power of creativity and technology.” Mr. Yoshida also emphasized Sony’s commitment to creativity, and stated that Sony will continue to create Kando with creators and contribute to expanding it to the world. As an example of this, N.P. Singh, Managing Director and CEO, Sony Pictures Networks India (“SPNI”) underlined the expansion of the Sony Group’s business in India and highlighted growth opportunities.

Mr. Totoki then provided an overarching view of growth strategies for each of Sony’s businesses from the perspective of group management. He further explained that Sony aims to achieve further growth and enhance its long-term value, by continuing to evolve the diversity of its people and businesses, and connect them organically.

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