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2001 Archives

Apr 17, 2001
Andruw Jones Stars as Cover Athlete for the Most Popular Baseball Franchise On PlayStation
Mar 26, 2001
Deal Makes SoapCity the Leading Provider Of Daytime Drama Content for AOL Service
Mar 23, 2001
North American Product Shipments to Hit Three Million Unit Target by Month End
Mar 22, 2001
Fear of Infection Spreads Through the Action/Adventure Experience Of the Summer
Mar 14, 2001
Popular Animated Series Comes to Life on PlayStation® Game Console
Feb 21, 2001
Special Episode Continues Series' Ongoing Commitment To Preventing Teen Pregnancy
Feb 6, 2001
Realistic Graphics and Huge Free-Roaming Environments Drive ATV Racing to New Limits
Feb 6, 2001
Popular Hockey Franchise Makes its Debut for Revolutionary PlayStation 2
Feb 5, 2001
Daytime Drama's Founder 'Reinvents' Soaps Genre on the Web by Launching Official Web Sites for 'As the World Turns' and 'Guiding Light'
Jan 31, 2001
Fans Determine What Happens When Daytime Dramas' Biggest Stars Battle It Out In 16-Week Fictional Cyber-Drama Saluting the Ultimate Reality TV Show
Jan 25, 2001
Culmination of Internal Resources and Strategic Partners Aid New Corporate Group in Development of Computer Entertainment Hub,
Jan 25, 2001 Adds PlayStation®2 Computer Entertainment Systems to Its Product Catalog Beginning January 30
Jan 22, 2001
Software Development Company Behind Multi-Million Unit-Selling NFL GameDay™ Franchise Joins PlayStation®2 First Party Ranks