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2003 Archives

Nov 18, 2003
Overwhelming Demand For New Dixie Chicks Concert Material Sparks Rush Release Of Album & DVD
Nov 18, 2003
- The Second Edition to the Online Revolution on the PlayStation®2 Offers New Features for New Players While Enhancing Gameplay for Existing Players -
Nov 17, 2003
- EverQuest Players Can Get in to the EverQuest®II Beta and Receive 30 Free Days on Their EverQuest Subscription With Lords of EverQuest Incentive Program -
Nov 17, 2003
New Integrated Campaign Developed to Communicate Brand Strength and Product Value; Spans Across All Major Media Vehicles
Nov 17, 2003
Company Unveils Holiday Promotional Campaign for the PlayStation®2 Combo Pack
Nov 11, 2003
Ratchet and Clank Reunite for an All-New Intergalactic Adventure Featuring More Weapons, Gadgets and a Unique Character Growth System
Nov 11, 2003
The Franchise's Latest College Basketball Game Features Superior Graphics and a New Online Mode
Nov 11, 2003
Increase in Consumer Demand Kicks Off the Start of the Key Selling Period
Nov 6, 2003
With More Than 22,000 Simultaneous Players in its First 48 Hours, SOCOM II: U.S. Navy SEALs Sets the Standard as the Number One Online Console Title
Nov 5, 2003
Awards Ceremony Honors Automotive Excellence and Highlights the Upcoming Release for the New Edition of the Best Selling Racing Videogame Franchise
Nov 4, 2003
Players Become the Star of the Game With EyeToy™: Play, First Title To Utilize Unique EyeToy USB Camera's Motion-Tracking Technology
Nov 4, 2003
Featuring New Multi-Player Missions, Weapons, and Enhanced Online Capabilities, SOCOM II: U.S. Navy SEALs Will Be One of the Hottest Titles This Holiday Season and Beyond
Nov 3, 2003
Sony Computer Entertainment America and Atlantic Records Break New Ground with CD/DVD Bundle, Providing Consumers with Greater Value
Oct 30, 2003
Gamers Are Encouraged to 'Choose Your Teammates Wisely' in the Sequel to the Number One Online Console Game
Oct 29, 2003
- The Battle for Auraxis™ Goes Underground in the First Expansion For PlanetSide™, the World's First Massively Multiplayer Online Action Game -