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2006 Archives

Mar 16, 2006
World Series Champion and MVP Pitcher Signs Endorsement Deal With Sony Online Entertainment
Mar 15, 2006
- Dark Kingdom Takes the Top Selling Untold Legends Franchise to the Next Generation of Game Consoles -
Mar 15, 2006
The PSP System Celebrates Its One Year Anniversary, More Than 15 Million Units Shipped Worldwide
Mar 14, 2006
All Fourteen Tracks Co-Written by the Dixie Chicks and Produced by Rick Rubin
Mar 14, 2006
The Next Installment in the Popular Franchise Provides Players Multiple Gaming Choices, Innovative Gameplay Mechanics and Evolving Online Multiplayer Features For Cutting-Edge Anytime, Anywhere Gameplay
Mar 14, 2006
Neopets Fans Experience 3D Exploration On-The-Go as the Popular World of Neopets Enters the Portable Gaming World
Mar 14, 2006
The Loveable, Orange Ottsel From the Best-Selling Jak & Daxter Franchise Sheds His Sidekick Image in His First Self-Titled Platform Action Game
Mar 14, 2006
Gamers Given Keys to Five of Sony Online Entertainment's Greatest Online Worlds
Mar 10, 2006
Nationwide Total Now Stands at 32
Mar 9, 2006
From Sea to Shining Sea Columbia Pictures is Taking Robin Williams' New Comedy to America's Doorstep
Mar 7, 2006
Fast-Paced Portable Action Game, Featuring High-Speed Chases and Never-Before-Seen Gameplay, Adds to the Growing Stable of PSP Software
Mar 6, 2006
Succeeds Dick Komiyama Who Becomes SEL's Chairman in Addition to Sony Corporation EVP, Global Electronics Marketing
Mar 3, 2006
Eagerly-Awaited Major Label Debut From Acclaimed Underground Performer Recorded During Two Historic Sessions In New York City's 42nd Street Subway Stations
Mar 1, 2006
God of War™ and Gran Turismo™4 Popular With Gamers, Sales Exceed 2.5 Million Units
Mar 1, 2006
Action Meets Strategy as Gamers Explore London's Streets & Landmarks in the Palm of their Hands with Stunning Graphic-Novel Style Narratives, Crime Action and Unique Mini-Games
Feb 28, 2006
Mythological Online Action/RPG Featuring Squad-Based Combat, Powers of the Gods
Feb 28, 2006
Longest Running Officially Licensed Baseball Franchise Takes the Mound and Delivers Core Gameplay Enhancements and All-New Features
Feb 27, 2006
Chuck Waite's Design for Movie's Official Poster Was Selected by Fans From Over 2000 Entries
Feb 25, 2006
Now Wireless Carriers Can Offer ImageStation Members Photo Access Through Web-Enabled Mobile Camera Phones
Feb 25, 2006
Sony Zooms In On Fast-Growing Product Category with Two New Digital Cameras